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A Personal Note From Eve

Each case is unique. The outcome of the case must always take into consideration how it will affect a client's future - tomorrow, next week, or ten years from now. It isn't sexy, but a dismissal is the most sought-after result in all cases. Trial should be the last resort. What happens between being charged and going to trial varies with the facts and circumstances of each client.

  I believe that if an attorney knows the law, thoroughly knows the facts of her client's case and personal history, and communicates clearly with the prosecutor involved in the case, then a trial should rarely occur. Trials are stressful for clients and their families. Rarely are trials the only option for the best result for a client.

All of that said, if a trial is the best and only option for a client, then I am always ready and willing to try any case. I have defended child molestation cases, Federal white-collar crimes, DWI's, traffic tickets, assaults, and many other misdemeanor and felony cases at trial. The level of case does not scare me or intimidate me. The only thing known to keep me awake at night is worrying for my clients' futures. I get to go home after a trial, no matter the outcome; clients might not get that, if I do not work hard enough. I care and I get results.


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