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1. How much do you charge to represent a person? Do you take payment plans?

Legal fees depend upon each and every individual case. Payment plans are an option in some cases but not in others. Occasionally, a felony might cost less than a misdemeanor. Fees are determined based upon a person's criminal history, the complexity of the case, and the seriousness of the offense.

2. My friend or family member has been arrested. How do I get them out of jail?

There are three main options for securing someone's release from jail: cash bond, surety bond, and personal bond.

Cash bonds are given when a person gives the Sheriff's office the entire bond amount up front. For example: if bond is set at $5,000, you may pay the full $5,000 up front and get out of jail. The money is refunded to the DEFENDANT, minus miscellaneous fees, AFTER the case is complete.

Surety bonds are obtained by going to a licensed bail bondsman. Typically, the amount paid to the bondsman depends on many factors and not all bondsmen charge the exact same amount for a surety bond. For example: If bond is set at $5,000, some bondsmen might charge 10%, while others will charge more or less. You will NOT receive any of the money you pay to a bondsman back. You are paying for speedy service from the bondsman and their time to secure your bond.

Personal bonds are often granted by judges without the need of an attorney. However, judges will sometimes require that an attorney be hired by the Defendant, before they will grant a personal bond. Attorneys are allowed to secure personal bonds ONLY when they have been retained to represent the individual on the entire matter. Do NOT allow yourself or your loved ones to be tricked into believing that you can pay an attorney a "jail release fee" to get out of jail. If you pay an attorney to get someone out of jail on a personal bond, get a signed contract with that attorney first. Agree on a total fee for representation, before you pay a lawyer for any service. We do occasionally get personal bonds for clients who have retained our services. Personal bonds are part of legal representation at our office. No extra fee is charged.

3. What do I do if I am stopped for a DWI?

First, do NOT perform ANY tests. You are NOT required to give a breath or blood sample. You are NOT required to answer ANY questions. You are NOT required to perform any field sobriety tests, such as the Walk & Turn, the One Leg Stand, or Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus ("HGN"). All field sobriety tests are simply a way for officers to gather evidence to get you convicted of DWI. Always be respectful to any officer. Simply refuse to perform any tests. Remember: You are on camera and everything is being recorded. Stay calm and be respectful.

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact our office. You can send your question using the form provided in the "Contact Us" section of our web site.

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