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State & Federal Criminal Defense

We handle all Federal criminal offenses, including white collar crime, drug trafficking, child pornography, and immigration violations.  Although a person might be charged with a Federal offense, that does not necessarily mean that there is nothing that can be done to effectively represent someone.  Law enforcement is not perfect and there are rules that must be followed to comport with the Constitution of the United States.  A good lawyer never fails to pick apart a Federal charge to the last detail.  If the case against a client is solid, then the defense must focus on mitigating punishment.  While Federal offenses are often the most serious offenses a client could face, it is the job of the defense attorney to bring every resource to bear to show a client's true nature to the Court.  

State criminal matters that are routinely handled include drug offenses, DWI offenses - misdemeanor and felony, assault, theft, forgery, financial crimes, and identity theft.  These are just a few of the State criminal offenses for which clients retain our office.  There are features, however, of Federal practice that Eve has successfully brought over to State court.  For example, providing judges with a Sentencing Memorandum on behalf of a client who is to be sentenced is extremely beneficial to anyone about to be sentenced - whether it be for a misdemeanor or a felony.  State criminal law practice is a large part of the caseload in our office.

Family Law & Civil Matters

Often times, clients' lives are not as simple as the mundane DWI misdemeanor charge.  Rather, they are, perhaps, faced with a custody battle with an ex-spouse.  In such cases, assault family violence charges are practically almost a given.  Or perhpas they have been sued civilly by an employer for allegedly embezzling funds from the company who employes them.  The client settles the civil suit, or perhaps even ignores it, only to be charged criminally.  While we do not routinely handle civil matters - fighting over babies and money simply is not nearly as important as freedom and life, we are keenly aware that the two areas of law are frequently inextricably intertwined.  In such cases, we work very closely with any counsel retained on any family law or civil matter.

But we cannot overlook two other areas of civil law of utmost importance to clients: expunctions and deregistration as a sex offender.  Expunctions, and their closely related kin, Orders of Nondisclosure, are always the end-goal for clients.  We do not handle such matters, but we confer closely with local counsel to make certain that whatever outcome is achieved in a case, that client may try to have his or her record sealed or expunged.

Deregistration as a sex offender is a relatively new concept legally - and one that not even all judges or lawyers are aware of just yet.  The law allowing deregistration from the sex offender registry in Texas was enacted a few short years ago, but, to date, very few offenders have been able to even begin the arduous journey of deregistration.  Our office has successfully obtained an Order for Deregistration of sex offenders and we currently represent individuals who are proceeding through the quagmire of applying to deregister.  This is one area of civil law that is so closely intertwined with criminal law that a lawyer must know a great deal of criminal law in order to be successful in helping a client get deregistered.  If you or a loved one seeks to be deregistered, please, contact Eve directly via email and she will be happy to discuss whether this is even a possibility. 

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