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Here's what our clients and their families are saying...

"Eve is an outstanding lawyer who provided world class service from day one until the conclusion of my case.  Eve was always available to speak with even though I do not live in the US.  She set the expectations right from the start and followed through on everything she said.  Eve took me from a position where my career was severely jeopardized and my ability to travel to the US was restricted to essentially saving my career and restoring my ability to travel to the US.  I will always be extremely grateful to Eve for eveything she did and I can not recommend her higher.  If you need an attorney, hire Eve, you will not regret it."
- Anonymous, August 19, 2018
"Brilliant, efficient, easy to get a hold of and clear communicator.  I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Eve.  My family had hired her while I was lost in the system in custody in a different county, she knew exactly what to do and who to call to start the process to release me.  She walked into a pretty difficult case with me, and handled it professionally and tenaciously every step of the way.  I have always been able to contact her to ask her questions about my case, never spent a second on hold with legal assistants or paralegals.  She's really, really good at her job and it's apparent within 5 minutes of talking to her.  I'm a very picky person and was timid about hiring a new lawyer after having hired inept lawyers before, however I have nothing negative to say about Eve.  If you're serious about getting the best results for your case, give her office a call today you'll see what I'm talking about." 
- Amber, March 16, 2018 

"Simply Amazing!  Magical!  Eve took my assault case back in 2014.  She first got me a two year probation deal that I violated not only once but two times!  Each time she told me not to worry and to just let her work her magic.  The second time I was positive I was going away for a while but I was wrong.  I don't know how she did it, but Eve Schatelowitz is a magician in the court room.  She will fight and keep fighting until she gets what she wants for her clients best interest."
- Anonymous, December 13, 2017

"Great defense attorney.  After my first consultation with Eve, I knew I was going to hire her.  She was kind and patient, and explainted everything to me so there was no confusion.  She spoke to me like a person, not a criminal.  She walked me threw every process, each time I had to show up in court.  Eve is exact and to the point.  I would recommend her to anyone in need of a good defense attorney.  I would definitely hire her again, if I ever needed to."
- Anonymous, July 9, 2017

"I unfortunately got a DWI awhile back.  I was clueless on how to deal with this situation.  I can honestly say Eve took that stress away!  She was sweet and patient with the fact that I did not know much at all about the justice system.  I'm so thankful for her guidance and knowledge.  If you find yourself in a situation like myself, I would absolutely recommend Eve!  Let her make a stressful situation less stressful!" 

- Megan G., Kyle, Texas, December 11, 2016  

"Hire the best.  Eve is an amazing kickass lawyer.  She took a sexual assault case and got it dismissed and changed to unlawful restraint.  She explained how everything would work up front, she worked out a payment plan for us, and worked with us every step of the way.  She is an efficient and extremely hard working attorney, and the one you want defending you.  When your freedom is on the line, it pays to hire the best, don't settle for less."
- Joseph, December 8, 2016

 "Eve is honest and worked very hard for us.  She knows the system and has an understanding of all the players; this is priceless.  When she was recommended to us, we were told she 'was worth every penny' and they were absolutely right." 

- T. D., Antelope, CA, September 3, 2016

"Polite and punctual.  She always helped me out, when I needed it.  Available most of the day through texts or phone call which is definitely an important thing." 

- Alex K., Austin, Texas, July 23, 2015 
"An angel at your side when you need her.  I was charged with 2 criminal offenses at the same time.  I really didn't know anyone in Austin.  I found Eve and went and met with her.  She took both cases head on and managed to get both dismissed.  The lady is a class act and will not leave you hanging.  If you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, I highly recommend Eve.  Thank you Eve." 

- Michael, February 8, 2013   

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