Why Hire a Private Attorney

     Before ever even graduating law school, I tried my first criminal case in front of Judge Michael Denton in Travis County Court at Law No. 4.  I was in my second year of law school, when I prosecuted my first case in front of a judge and jury.  Just prior to my third year of law school, I clerked for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin - the highest court in Texas for criminal appeals.  This gave me a real-world understanding that what happens in a courtroom has the potential to go on through the appellate system if a case is not handled correctly at the trial court level.

     In 2003, right out of law school, I was a prosecutor.  I took my oath to uphold justice very, very seriously - not just for the State of Texas but for its citizens.  I gained invaluable trial experience.  I also learned, from day one, that court is not for the faint of heart.  I immediately became very comfortable in front of a judge and jury.  However, not being one to take orders without asking questions, I ultimately became a criminal Defense attorney.

     At the beginning of my criminal defense law practice, I handled appointed clients at both the State and Federal level.  What I quickly learned, though, was that I was that the court-appointed lawyer system is, quite frankly, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the court appointed caseload.  Nine years ago, in 2013, I quit accepting court-appointed cases, in order to serve my retained clients and their families with the devotion of attention for which they had paid.  I owed them that.

     Appointed attorneys are a noble lot, to be sure.  However, it is no less noble to assist a client who has chosen to pay for their own defense.  So what do you get, when you pay me to represent you?  You get to reach out to me via phone, text, or email - day or night.  You get meetings with me at my office for in-depth explanations of what is going on with your case and what the possibilities are.  I routinely meet with clients in the evening hours or on the weekends, in order to accommodate the client and/or client's family's needs.  In short - you are paying for my attention, time, care, and concern.  You will only deal with me with regard to your case - no "call my assistant" in my office.

     Do you want a lawyer who is paid a bare minimum by the government?  Or do you want an attorney who is paid for by you and who is hired by you to devote their time and attention to you?

Remember: You Get What You Pay For

     I have a deep understanding of the mindset of prosecutors and I use that to my clients' advantage.  I enjoy setting
things right and helping clients get their side of the story across.  I put my nearly 20 years of legal experience to work for my clients and I do so because they have retained me to do the best work possible to assist them with their problems.  I am not working for a minimal government paycheck - I am working for you.